The ancient Irish clan of Moriarty

  • The most ancient grant of a Coat of Arms was: Silver with a black eagle.*
  • The crest is: An arm holding a dagger which is entwined with a serpent.
(*The eagle is also referred to by some historians as a "bird of prey," of some unknown type.)

From: Moriarty

The grreat Gaelic family Moriarty emerged in later years in county Kerry. This distinguished Irish Clann were descended from O'Muirtheataith, who was descended from Domhnall, King of Munster, and possessed the "Flock abounding Plain" of Aisde on the river Mang in that county. They also held Castlemaine Harbour. They lost much of their territories in the Anglo/Norman invasion of Strongbow in the year 1172 and they were ousted by the Fitzgeralds. They also branched to Kells in county Meath but this was also confiscated. The Moriartys were a strong ecclesiastical family and the Rev. David Moriarty was Bishop of Kerry, but many of them lost their right to preach under the Penal code of 1714. Notable amongst the family at this time was Father Thady McMoriarty.

During the 12th century, 1172 A.D., Dermott McMurrogh, in his fight for the position of Ard Righ, requested King Henry II of England for his assistance. This was the first intrusion onto Ireland of the Anglo/Normans. Many native Irish families lost their lands and possessions. This was followed by Cromwell's invasion of 1640, when further loss of the land befell the unfortunate Irish people. Ulster in the North was seeded with protestant Scottish and English. And, again many Irish families lost their ancient territories.

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