Tuesday, August 9, 2016

It's All a Dream

     In 1985 (if I recall this correctly), Dallas was a very popular TV show. At the end of the season they killed off Bobby Ewing, a main character. Great cultural angst. No internet to speak of, but people made their shock and outrage known.

     Apparently the actor and the producers managed to come to terms on his contract, because the next season premiered with this scene.

     Yes, it was all a dream. 

     We're going to have to deal with the possibility that by the end of Season 4, we'll learn that everything we've watched up til now has been a long series of hallucinations, lived in the "Mind Palace" of a brilliant young inmate housed in solitary in a mental institution in 1895. The entire modern version of Sherlock was "just a dream."

After all, Sherlock's always known he was a man out of his time.

When the counter got stuck, Sherlock suggested it was done deliberately as a clue. Then he decides, "It's just a glitch."

If you look at John's blog, you'll see it's no longer stuck on 1895. In fact, there is no counter at all. I don't know when it got unstuck.

Maybe some techie at the hosting site finally figured out the problem and fixed it.

Or maybe, whatever age Sherlock was when he had his break with reality, in his mind it is always that same moment of overweening trauma that sent the boy into a psychotic never-never land. 

So - if we learn this in Series 4, then what will Series 4 be? One of the questions we really need to ask is: why was everyone so depressed after the shoot? Benedict has never suggested he won't do more Sherlock. WTF happened?  I lost the heart to write this blog for a couple years because there was no sense in any of it. Mofftiss self-contradicted and lied to fans so many times, it seemed a useless enterprise. They also don't let their actors in on things until the last minute according to several stories by the actors, themselves.

Actors take their characters seriously. Benedict probably more than most.  Fans know this from his staunch support of Assange, Turing and even Khan. How would he feel if

everything he believed about his character for six years, was suddenly a lie?  A lie he helped sell the very fans he has so often expressed his gratitude to?


Sherlock's Mind Palace is the reality he created for himself after he was incarcerated in - where? An institution?  Some private hospital Mycroft arranged for him?  Or, like the mad wife in Jane Eyre, a room in Mycroft's home?  A padded cell?  Caretakers sworn to secrecy? SILENCE - like the Diogenes Club?

SERIES FOUR: Sherlock gets out. Benedict has said often that when the show started we saw Sherlock younger than he's ever been portrayed. He's 27. And the 33 year old actor pulled that off with no problem. He's 40 now. The age most Sherlocks have been. A man in his mature prime with established professional contacts, papers written, an international reputation. If it was always 1895, if Sherlock became disabled at a young age, perhaps 17, he could have emerged 10 years later to try and have a normal life.

In A Study in Pink, where did Sherlock come from before he moved into 221B? He was established at the hospital. At Saint Bart's. John met him in hospital.

We see Sherlock in his flat, at the hospital or on cases. Sherlock doesn't jog. Or shop.  Or go to the theater. Except on a case. He's either at home or on a case. Even at Saint Bart's, he is researching something having to do with a case. What happens when he doesn't have a case? He panics. He does drugs. Anything to fully engage his mind so he doesn't have to think about what he went into psychosis to avoid thinking about.

We can posit that this represents one of two scenarios:

1. Sherlock is still locked up and the flat represents his room, Bart's is the place he is in, the people are orderlies or therapists. His cases, when he is out in the world, are his escapes into the Mind Palace. He sees his world not as the one he occupies in 1895 and after, but as a place more modern.

2. Sherlock has been released, but is still out of touch with reality. He brings his Mind Palace fantasies with him to allow himself to function even minimally in the world. Mycroft hires John to be his companion and watchdog during this time of adjusting to the outside world.


PRIMARY: "Obliquity of the Ecliptic"  When Lestrade comes with his interesting series of murders, Sherlock tries to blow him off, not wanting to be distracted from the one thing of utmost importance. Understanding the obliquity of the ecliptic. So that's the next post.

THEMES: We go back to the beginning, to "the story we have been telling all along." A troubled, in fact broken, marriage. A doomed father who dies violently. Two siblings, an older boy and younger girl. And Sherlock's constant flirtation with his own death. Gender confusion. Another post.

WHO'S WHO? We can't possibly figure it out until the series reveal, and possibly we won't really know then. But we can look into the possibilities, if we accept that nothing is consistent from moment-to-moment and dream fragment to dream fragment. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar and sometimes a policeman is a child and friends and enemies are just other versions of self. 

ANALYSIS AND PREDICTION: I'll make one now. We will never see any version of Johnlock. Or Sherlolly. Ever.

Even if my speculations are close to what we'll see, there is still the mystery to be solved. What happened?


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