Wednesday, January 1, 2014

S3:E1 - The Empty Hearse

Wait ... what?
I have said many times that whatever explanation Mofftiss came up with would not fit what we saw on screen and would be, in the end, unsatisfying. 

I'm not that happy to be proven right. 

That said, there was rather a lot of "fan service," but all with an undertone of contempt for fans.  They did seem to work very hard to make every shot of Benedict Cumberbatch reblog worthy or gif-ready.  Lots of close-ups, lots of perfect hair, lots of perfectly lighted angles of the star's incredibly photogenic face.   

The Rebloggable Sherlock.
All included: cheekbones, collar, hair, the great mouth and sea green eyes.

The great moments between people, the ones we expect from Gatiss, included a lovely scene between Sherlock and Molly, Lestrade's reaction to his return and a fine scene of game-playing  between Sherlock and Mycroft. 

I loved Mary Moran, but we know what happens in the books.  They don't always go with Doyle, though, so perhaps we can hope for her continuing presence.  I think Ms. Abbington adds a much-needed element to the show and all her scenes are a delight to watch.  Oddly, her on-screen chemistry with Benedict Cumberbatch is even better than with her real-life partner, Martin Freeman.

I will save specific comments until the show airs in the U.S., but I can say this: I'm glad he's back.  Sherlock doesn't like being Sherlock half as much as we like him being Sherlock.

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