Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Packet of Blood - Faked

This tumblr post, which has upwards of 30k "likes" and "reblogs," suggests that when Moffat said "there is a clue everyone has missed" he was referring to the three-part image at right.

And while we can appreciate the three images, as if we are moving in on something we might not otherwise notice, the picture is a "manip."  The "packet of blood," as the blogger refers to it, simply isn't there, as can be seen in the screenshot at left from the show.  

But there are two questions here and the wrong answer (fake blood packet) is in response to a WRONG QUESTION.

Moffat didn't just say there was a clue everyone missed, he also said that the clue involved Sherlock doing something out-of-character:

 "I’ve been online and looked at all the theories," Moffat told us, "and there’s one clue that everyone’s missed. It’s something that Sherlock did that was very out of character, but which nobody has picked up on."

Of course, as any semi-astute Sherlock observer knows there was very little in the episode that Sherlock did that wasn't out-of-character. Here is one example from The Reichenbach Fall 1

Moriarty must believe he is making all the moves and Sherlock must manipulate things to his advantage as much and as subtly as possible.  So Sherlock, who always shunned personal publicity, turns himself into a tabloid media star. He accepts accolades and gifts, submits himself  to publicity photos and video cameras.

What can be more out of character for Sherlock Holmes than seeking publicity and accepting gestures of gratitude?  Yet, he does it not once, but over and over.  Sherlock Holmes appears for the cameras with John Watson coaching him through it.  He not only manages a smile when he is given his own "Sherlock hat," he actually dons it for the cameras, and poses, still smiling. 

But even though the blood packet is a fake, watching the action closely does raise interesting questions.

Below is a series of screenshots from "The Reichenbach Fall" made yesterday, from the Netflix streaming video series.  You can confirm these images on your DVD:

Here is John's POV just before the bike hits him and knocks him to the ground.  

Pool of blood, Fatigue Guy, Young Doc

This shot of the body comes next, a view from above showing Sherlock on the ground, the blood already around his head, Green Fatigue-jacket guy running up, as well as Young Doc Guy, who supposedly had the blood.

Here comes Young Doc, his hand near his chest.  Reaching for something?  Possibly the actor is trying to keep the stethoscope he has around his neck from bouncing off while he runs.  Fatigue Jacket is hidden behind Suit Man. 

What's that guy on the left looking at?

Here is the image that has the "blood packet" shopped in, but it actually presents a very interesting question:

What is Young Doc looking back at?  His hand seems to still be on that stethoscope, but he is not looking at the poor guy on the ground leaking blood all over the sidewalk.  He has turned to look behind himself at ...

John getting up?  

A signal from someone in the phone booth?

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